Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Testing and Other Stuff

Today the juniors at Warren Central took the ACT, FREE of Charge.  Really, do they realize what a great opportunity this was.  I was lucky enough not to have to be in a classroom of testing students.  BUT that meant I would have my 2nd period students for over 4 hours.  YIKES.  I really enjoy most of the students in that class and I was really lucky that the ones that make life miserable all had In School Detention.  Thank you Lord.  So the nine students I did have watched 2 movies and played Uno.  I have a strong gene from my Momma  that  I need to make everyone feel welcome or appreciated.  She was the most serving person I have ever known and she always made things so special.
Anytime  people have to do something that might be a little out of their norm or unpleasant I try to do something to make them feel better.  So I made 17 dozen mini muffins and 2 gallons of Plum Tea.  9 dozen  mini muffins had walnuts and then I made 8 dozen that didn't have nuts, in case someone had a nut allergy.
Once they were ready I went down the Testing hall and the relief people would go in and let the teachers come out for a short break.  Y'all those were some of the most appreciative people ever.  I guess standing in a room for 4 plus hours watching people take a test will bring you to your knees.  I am just so grateful I didn't have to do that job.  I am kinda hoping since I have done snacks last year and this year that I won't have to ever do the testing so they will want me to make the snacks.  I'm sneaky like that.
I wish I had take a picture of  the food, but I forgot.  Sorry.  Trust me it was pretty.  I even used red and blue muffin liners and napkins.  Hey I go all out! ha!
I've had this sneezy, draining thing since we got home.  Maybe I am allergic to old houses???
I just hope I can shake it soon.
Until next time.
Love ya,


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