Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's a Beautiful Day!

Saturday the sun was shining and Paul was finally off from work. I had thought my cousin's funeral would be today but they are waiting until Tuesday. So  instead we set out on an adventure. We headed to Jackson around eleven-ish. We were discussing where to eat cause that's what we do. We had decided to go to Beagle Bagel in Highland Village when I was thinking what I really liked about BB and I realized it was the decor ( and of course their chicken salad). It's just kinda retro when I burst out with "you know where I've always wanted to eat? Brent's Drugs," so Paul quizzed me why and I explained. A scene from The Help was filmed there and it just sounded like s fun place. Next thing I know we are heading down State Street. I quickly Googled the directions. We found it quickly and got a parking spot right by the front door. How's that for luck? It was so much fun. I had the Club and Paul had Brent's Burger with Onion Rings. Yummy. The placed was packed with young families and oldsters like us. 

After lunch we strolled around the area across the street. apparently it was First Thursday?? Which was confusing because it's Saturday and First Thursday is next week but okay. Our next stop was the outlet mall. Paul goes through tennis shoes so fast so he needed new shoes and I found a pair of shoes I liked and we both got 8 pairs of new socks! The clerk said we were $5.00 from a $20. discount so we each got a t-shirt and our total did go down. Wow! And to top it off another clerk asked me if I was a teacher and I taught her in Junior High. That's twice this week I've run into former students.  
We strolled around the mall then headed to Bass Pro and then to a sporting goods store. Seems Paul is in search of a new pistol. He didn't find the one he was wanting. After a quick stop for some new summer clothes we picked up 4 Boston ferns for the front porch and 2 Asparagus ferns for the back flower bed.    Yay!
Paul suggested going to a movie so I checked the shows and times. We settled on Miracles from Heaven. 
Oh my it was awesome. A tear jerker but still good. 
If you haven't seen this movie I highly recommend it. 
We ended our day with a quick dinner at Newks. 
Until next time 
Love ya,


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