Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Last Day

I'm Sunday morning we woke up at our own pace and begin to gather our stuff and get ready for our last day here.  Breakfast was great as usual.  I forgot to take any pictures but it was really good.  We chatted with the other 3 couples staying at Barrow House.  They were so sweet and each was interesting in their own way.  I am always ready to go, period!  Go to get to our destination, go to get home.  We didn't head straight home today, we stopped at a beautiful site of an old home.  Unfortunately the burned years ago but the grounds and the ruins of the house were awesome.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.
The drive into Afton Villa Gardens.  I am sure the spring is awesome with the azaleas on each side of the drive.
Paul and I in the English Boxwood garden.  There were actually 2 English Boxwood gardens.  

The old barn behind the main house that is used as a event venue.  Very pretty!

We got back to Vicksburg around one, stopped for a bite to eat then arrived home. Now to unpack and the head to the grocery store.  
Until next time. 
Love ya,


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