Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 45 of 60 days to 60

Well actually only 43 days now but day 45 was awesome. We went to the Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) concert.
It was the most fun I've had in a very long time!
We had time to eat before the concert and since The Mayflower Cafe was just down the street from the Thalia Mara Hall where the concert was held it sounded like a good idea. We weren't super hungry so we each got a cup of the famous gumbo and a salad. Perfect!
We haven't been to a concert in "years" so we weren't really sure how everything worked. We got there early and had time to visit and walk around. Once they opened the doors the show started about 20 minutes later. To say I was blown away would be an understatement.
Perfect night. I just might like this 6 th decade.
I'll be singing their songs for weeks.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When Life Gives You Limes???

Since Cinco De Mayo is next week I have been craving homemade fajitas.  I bought the closest thing I could find to skirt steak and I had a bag of limes.  So this morning I sliced and juiced about 5 limes and put the juice, the steak and some minced garlic in a zip lock bag so it can marinate all day today in the fridge.
Does anyone else have a juicer Luke this?  I inherited this from my mother. I love it. A few years a Willliam and Sonoma had bright colorful ones for sale but they were quite expensive. 

  I have to run to the grocery store (again) for avocados this afternoon. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday, Monday

Today we started the state testing for Algebra.  Bless these children's hearts.  This is so hard on them.  And it isn't too great for the teachers.  I had my 4th period class an extra 100 minutes so that was a total of 192 minutes.  Yep that is over three hours from 9:20-until 1:40 They (and I) had a short 20 minutes for lunch.  I didn't bring anything for lunch today because I was planning to run out to Wendy's for a salad.  Well thank goodness for my emergency stash of chicken noodle soup and pimento cheese.  It wasn't what I was dreaming about but it filled me up for the day.  I have a few errands to run this afternoon and then I can't wait to get home and see all the yard work Paul has done today.  He has been working so many long hours lately that he hasn't been able to mow or weed-eat the yard. I"ll try to take a picture when I get home.
Until next time,
Love ya,

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lazy But Busy Saturday

Good morning, it is awesome to see the sun shining full force today!  I woke up at my own pace this morning (meaning I turned the alarm clock off last night) it was great!  I am feeling better, I hope that means this sinus stuff is drying up not going into my chest. I went outside bright and early to check on my plants and check the skimmers. I got a wild hair to brush the pool steps and that led to brushing the sides of the entire pool.  I slowly eased into the day, Paul got home about 8:00ish and we had a little while to chat before he was ready to head to bed. Bless his heart. That man works so hard.
I showered and washed my hair and then got dress and headed out for the day. It is so hard to stay home and be quiet.
First stop was my garden club's annual plant sale.
I lucked up and got 3 day lilies, 3 yarrow, 15 red spider lily bulbs, 1 tomato plant, and 2 naked lady bulbs. All for a grand total of $18.00. That is awesome y'all. Since I knew I would be out most of the day I zipped back by the house to drop my plants off. Next stop The Old Court House Flea Market.
I found a great parking place and began to make the round. I saw several neat old "antique" like things but none called my name. I did buy a print of a canon on Fort Hill.  Best of all I got to see my old friend Mr Gordon Cotton.
He was the curator of the Old Court House Musuem when I taught Local Cultures. He didn't recognize me at first but I told him my name and his face just lit up. He is such a great historian and the sweetest man ever. He was so kind to me when I was trying to learn all about Vicksburg. We chatted for a while but more and more people were stopping to talk to him so I said my goodbyes. Except I just wanted to get a picture with him. So I went back and we took a selfie.
He was so sweet. As I was walking away I overheard him tell someone  "she is an amazing teacher and I am just crazy about her. She'd bring all those kids in the Old Courthouse and she'd be running up and down those stairs the whole time."  I thought I would cry right there. He was the best teacher ever at Warren Central and for him to compliment me is the sweetest thing.
I ran a few more errands and picked up a few things. Then the weekly grocery shopping trip. 
I got home about 2:00 and unloaded the groceries. I still had to be quiet until Paul woke up. Big surprise, down power is almost complete so Paul is off tonight. Yay. 
So I suggested we go eat to eat since as Paul said we haven't done that in a while. Ha!  So we headed out but when he didn't turn to go downtown I was a little puzzled. We ended up
At Hime Depot to look for a drill bit for my  fountain/pot. The old fountain pump died last fall and I bought a new pump but never got around to installing it. The new pump has the cord on the side so I need a new hole drilled. The drill bits were over $40 there so he googled and found on on Amazon for a whole lot less. 
Then we headed to Rusty's for dinner except my mood changed greatly when I hit/scraped my leg closing the truck door. Yep it left a mark. There was a group of Prom kids all dressed up.   They ended up eating at the table next to us. They were pretty well behaved. 
Then back home and I stayed up till midnight with Paul (y'all that's monumental for me. Paul stayed up a few more hours. Bless his heart. 
Until next time, 
Love ya,

Friday, April 22, 2016

My Little Garden

If you remember last weekend at the rodeo I purchased 2 pot plants. Each pot had one tomato plant and one cucumber plant along with some herbs. I saw they had blooms on them but that usually doesn't mean much. Well I have checked on them everyday and they are growing so fast. I have 6 baby tomatoes and 5 cucumbers. Really I do.

Reckon I should start frying bacon for my first BLT? Yeah you are right I should wait a little while. 

A Different Type of Countdown...

Today marks my last 2 months to be in my 50's.  Yep the big 60 is coming up soon.  Yikes.  I remember 25 years ago when I started back teaching I thought I will turn 60 the same year I can retire.  At that time it seemed like a really old age, but now hey 60 is the new 40 right??
I've been trying to cook fresh meals lately. So Paul asked for spaghetti one night this week and he asked if I could make a blueberry cobbler. So Monday night I made homemade spaghetti sauce and pasta and a blueberry cobbler.
I packed up the left overs for our Tuesday lunches. One of Paul's co workers commented that "somebody must love you to make you a cobbler". I was so flattered I had to work late on Tuesday so we ate supper at Cracker Barrel. When we got home I mixed up another cobbler just for his office group. 
Here are a few pictures of the process.
3 cups blueberries, 2 Tablespoons of sugar
1/3 cup orange juice
Cream 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup sugar, add 1 egg, and vanilla extract.  Stir in flour and baking powder. 
Then drop in small spoonfuls over the top of the blueberries.  YUM!
I forgot to take a picture when it came out of the oven but here is the pan after they finished.
All gone. 
Glad they enjoyed it. 
Until next time. 
Love ya,

Fighting the Good Fight

No, I did not get in a fight, but I am still fighting this allergy thing.  I woke up several times during the night coughing.  YUCK!  Please go away nasal drip!
On another note, I have not felt like cooking when I come home from school the past two days and Paul has been super nice to take me out to eat for the past two nights.  Y'all I know I have said it before but he is the best.
Last night we went to Billy's for pizza.  In case you aren't from around here Billy's is our local Italian place.  The original owner was Billy Lieberman, his son,Joey, played baseball with our son, Mark, and we got to know Billy and his wife, Robin during baseball season.  He semi retired last year and sold the business to a sweet couple that had opened the Chocolate Factory next door to Billy's.  The pizzas are made fresh while you wait.  So good.  We had enough left overs for our lunches today.  Yay!  Come on lunch time.
Wednesday night I was on the phone with my BFF and I got another phone call so I declined it since I hate when people put me on hold to answer another call.  Anyway the caller was a sweet lady in my garden club and she asked if I would be secretary of our group for next year.  I was so flattered but at the same time I realize that just attending the meetings regularly is an effort during the school year and since it will most likely be my last year to teach I would rather wait until I retire and give more time to garden club.  I called her back yesterday afternoon and told her thank you but maybe next year.  I have to be careful not to spread myself too thin.  I have a habit of doing that ya know.
I want to share something with you before I leave you today it is my favorite new found lipstick.  I hate it when lipstick wears off right after I put it on my lips.  Since I drink a lot of water it is usually gone after the first hour. But not anymore my BFF shared her secret of her lipstick and because I am so nice I will share with you.  It's by Revlon and it is called COLORSTAY - OVERTIME.  It is awesome!!!I put it on in the mornings and when I come home after school it still looks great!  Go try it, you will love it!

One more thing for today. Warren Central High School hosted it's 25th  Special Prom.  This is for students with special needs and they are escorted by, for lack of a better word "the cool kids"  Y'all it makes my heart want to explode when I see these precious children.  It is the best thing ever!!! I had tears in my eyes at how sweet the kids were.  It's a big deal here.
Until next time,
Love ya,

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Friday Eve

I believe I have mentioned, oh half a dozen times (or more), that I love to count down to special times.  So at school we call Thursday, Friday Eve, because it sounds closer to the weekend.  Crazy I know but when you work with teenagers all day you look for the little things.  So while today is Thursday for the rest of the world it's Friday Eve for us.  I still have this drainage thing going on that causes a cough at night and sneeze fits during the day.  I've tried several OTC things but it doesn't seem to budge so this morning I got out the big guns Musinex D.  I sure hope it knocks this mess out.
Paul is back at Grand Gulf for a few more months which isn't too bad but they are have a down power which means he will work nights from Wednesday (last night) until Monday.  Ugh.  I hate when he is not at home at night.  I am not a scaredy cat by any means but I just miss him.  Snoring and all.  He is working 11:00 pm -7:00 am.  So I really just don't see him in the mornings.
Yesterday was an early release day for the kids and we had a meeting about the mandatory state testing that will start next week.  Bless these kid's hearts they are tested to death.  And it takes up so much of our time.  Geez Louise.  so for those that care we have 25 days of school left, 4 are exam days, and that makes 21 which is divided by 2 since we rotate classes and that is about 10 class days. Or in my world 5 more Mondays!!!!! Come on Summer Time.  Maybe I can sit outside by the pool some this weekend, while Paul sleeps.
Until next time,
Love ya,

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Testing and Other Stuff

Today the juniors at Warren Central took the ACT, FREE of Charge.  Really, do they realize what a great opportunity this was.  I was lucky enough not to have to be in a classroom of testing students.  BUT that meant I would have my 2nd period students for over 4 hours.  YIKES.  I really enjoy most of the students in that class and I was really lucky that the ones that make life miserable all had In School Detention.  Thank you Lord.  So the nine students I did have watched 2 movies and played Uno.  I have a strong gene from my Momma  that  I need to make everyone feel welcome or appreciated.  She was the most serving person I have ever known and she always made things so special.
Anytime  people have to do something that might be a little out of their norm or unpleasant I try to do something to make them feel better.  So I made 17 dozen mini muffins and 2 gallons of Plum Tea.  9 dozen  mini muffins had walnuts and then I made 8 dozen that didn't have nuts, in case someone had a nut allergy.
Once they were ready I went down the Testing hall and the relief people would go in and let the teachers come out for a short break.  Y'all those were some of the most appreciative people ever.  I guess standing in a room for 4 plus hours watching people take a test will bring you to your knees.  I am just so grateful I didn't have to do that job.  I am kinda hoping since I have done snacks last year and this year that I won't have to ever do the testing so they will want me to make the snacks.  I'm sneaky like that.
I wish I had take a picture of  the food, but I forgot.  Sorry.  Trust me it was pretty.  I even used red and blue muffin liners and napkins.  Hey I go all out! ha!
I've had this sneezy, draining thing since we got home.  Maybe I am allergic to old houses???
I just hope I can shake it soon.
Until next time.
Love ya,

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Last Day

I'm Sunday morning we woke up at our own pace and begin to gather our stuff and get ready for our last day here.  Breakfast was great as usual.  I forgot to take any pictures but it was really good.  We chatted with the other 3 couples staying at Barrow House.  They were so sweet and each was interesting in their own way.  I am always ready to go, period!  Go to get to our destination, go to get home.  We didn't head straight home today, we stopped at a beautiful site of an old home.  Unfortunately the burned years ago but the grounds and the ruins of the house were awesome.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.
The drive into Afton Villa Gardens.  I am sure the spring is awesome with the azaleas on each side of the drive.
Paul and I in the English Boxwood garden.  There were actually 2 English Boxwood gardens.  

The old barn behind the main house that is used as a event venue.  Very pretty!

We got back to Vicksburg around one, stopped for a bite to eat then arrived home. Now to unpack and the head to the grocery store.  
Until next time. 
Love ya,

Sunday, April 17, 2016

This Ain't My First Rodeo

Honestly it was my first rodeo. I've never really cared for horses and cows and Cowboys and Cowgirls stuff. I mean I had the "required" cowgirl outfit when I was little but that was about it. They have the big Dixie National Rodeo every year in Jackson but I've never thought about going. You see this weekend was planned around one simple event, school was out on Friday. So I had a 3 day weekend and I wanted to go somewhere. Period. I thought while the rest of the folks were whooping and hollering at the rodeo we could stroll through old houses, shops and gardens. But the more I mentioned our trip to folks they  started saying "oh you need to go to the rodeo". Our B&B host and hostess said online was the best way to get tickets so while we were eating dinner last night, little old multi-tasker me set out to get tickets. But none were to be found. Then just as I was about to give up a lady sitting at the table behind us said she worked at the prison and there were tickets available. She took our names and said she'd take care of it first thing Saturday morning. Now I still wasn't sure about this but maybe it was meant to be. I really wanted to  believe but not sure how much fun it would be for us non cowboy folks. After a lovely breakfast I really wanted to find some fresh Louisiana strawberries. Shirley, our hostess suggested the town farmer's market. We set out to find it but it wasn't open today. We then started the 20+mile journey to Angola Prison.As we neared the prison, they handed us a flyer telling us what could and could not be brought into the prison area.  It was pretty countryside and we arrived along with about another gillion folks.  . We had just started walking to the prison when a sweet man offered us a ride in his four seater ATV. I gladly accepted and away we went. He even took us to a side gate with a very short line. We went up to the will call window and asked for our tickets.  No problem. They were ready for us. We went in with no waiting (this will become important later) they didn't even search my purse. We shopped and I picked out a few things and then I found the plants
. Oh my. If we had been in Paul's truck it would be full but since we were in my car I had to limit myself to two big pots with a tomato plant and I think a cucumber along with some herbs. I both some small basil plants too. They hold them for you until the rodeo is over. We thought we had looked at all the booths and we weren't ready for lunch so we went on the prison tour. It really was interesting.  I mean really. Here are just a few fun facts: Angola is a male only prison, there are currently 6,298 prisoners, 1612 employees, some even live rent and utility free on the 18,000 acres. They grow all their own food, they work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, they pay taxes, the first three years they make $.02 an hour, they can work up to $.20 max., they are separated by level of offenses. And lots more information.  When we returned I just thought we'd walk back in and not have to wait in the mile long line, and Paul could have but I had a purse. And now they were searching all purses. And the line was about a mile long.  (wait time would have been about an hour) So we opted to walk to the car and leave my purse. Then we just walked back in. Sweet!
We ate lunch and then found our seats. Stephanie L. if you ever read this please know how grateful we are for the front row grandstand seats. We had the absolute best seats in the arena!
Right behind the area where the men got on the bulls and bucking broncos.  As in so close that we got hit with dirt from the bull's hooves. (I'm sure some of that dirt had other stuff that I really didn't want in my hair. Ugh!

I was so impressed and it was really a lot of fun!
I have to say the whole time I was there my heart hurt for these men, what went wrong in their life for them to commit such crimes. They are grown, rough men but they are still some mother's sons and the best I could reason is they either broke her heart or she wasn't a fit mother.   I pray they will turn their life around and if they are released will have a good life.
Now here are some action shots.

A little before the end of the rodeo I made my way down the stairs and waited for Paul, we picked up my plants and hurried to the car. We were bumper to bumper all the way back to the highway.  We got back to the B&B and rested a little. I kept feeling little pieces of " rodeo dirt" in my hair and could stand it so a shower was in order for me. Then we got gussied up and headed to dinner at The Myrtle's restaurant The Carriage House. It was a lovely dinner and. We even had time to shop some before calling it a night and heading back to the B&B.  Here is a picture I snapped as we left the gift shop.  I didn't notice it at the time but if you look at the lower left hand corner I  think I see a small foggy pictures that looks like children.  I forgot to mention that The Myrtles is the MOST haunted house in America.  Or maybe it is just my eyes playing tricks on me.

Night y'all because I can't keep my eyes open any longer.
Until nest time,
Love ya,

Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekend Getaway

Hello Louisiana!  Paul and I made a trip down to St. Francisiville today. We are super pumped to just get away for a few days. I think it's really going to recharge our batteries, especially me as I head into the last long stretch of the school year. Six weeks folks.
When we left Vicksburg it was raining, I told Paul I bet we drive out of it soon. He said we were driving into it! Ugh. Somewhere down 61 South, the rain stopped and it started to clear up. We ate lunch at Mammy's Cupboard in Natchez.  If you've never eaten here you need to put it on your bucket list!  Paul had the special Chicken Pot Pie and I had Chicken salad, it came with veggie soup. Yum!

The rest of the trip was uneventful.
We pulled into St. Francisiville about 1:30 and had some time to kill until we could check into our B&B. So we just puddled in the cute shops downtown.

We checked into the Barrow House and were shown to our room.  Yes I know they spelled my name wrong.  It's not the first time and I am pretty sure it won't be the last time.  I'll get over it.

and relaxed some on the porch and then took a walk to the Grace Cemetery.
Our hostess, Shirley said people are just dying to go there. Ba da bum. Ha! We are now waiting until a decent hour to go eat at the Magnolia Cafe.
They have live music and great food. Gator bites are calling my name!

Until next time.
Love ya,

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Special Visitor

Look who is at our house today.  Miss Caroline!! Lauren had a last minute evening out and Mark was working so after my workshop (yay for getting out early) I got my hair touched up, ran a few errands and then picked her up from daycare. I love her sweet face when she sees I am there to pick her up. We headed home and she was singing Old MacDonald  e-i-o. All the way home. So sweet!!
She climbed up in Papa's chair first thing to eat her waffle fries. 
Her favorite thing to do is climb up and down the stairs. 

Time is flying by. Soon she'll be running up and down these stairs. 
Slow down time!
Until next time. 
Love ya,