Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Monday, Monday

Monday brought more sunshine YAY!  and a work day.   While I am glad to be back at school, these last few months are so hard.  The kids are at the point they are starting to shut down.
I tried to walk some at lunch time but oh my calves were sore.  Guess I need to get in better shape.  Paul was off and he ran some errands and enjoyed being home.  I ran to the grocery store (because I had put it off on Sunday) and got LOTS of fresh veggies for this week.  While I cook almost every night I am really trying to cook with fresh vegetables instead of canned.  Monday night was Pork Tenderloin with a Bar-B-Que seasoning, fresh green beans and baked sweet potatoes.  Yum.
My hot bath was really needed to help those sore muscles too.
Until next time,
Love ya,


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