Thursday, April 21, 2016

Friday Eve

I believe I have mentioned, oh half a dozen times (or more), that I love to count down to special times.  So at school we call Thursday, Friday Eve, because it sounds closer to the weekend.  Crazy I know but when you work with teenagers all day you look for the little things.  So while today is Thursday for the rest of the world it's Friday Eve for us.  I still have this drainage thing going on that causes a cough at night and sneeze fits during the day.  I've tried several OTC things but it doesn't seem to budge so this morning I got out the big guns Musinex D.  I sure hope it knocks this mess out.
Paul is back at Grand Gulf for a few more months which isn't too bad but they are have a down power which means he will work nights from Wednesday (last night) until Monday.  Ugh.  I hate when he is not at home at night.  I am not a scaredy cat by any means but I just miss him.  Snoring and all.  He is working 11:00 pm -7:00 am.  So I really just don't see him in the mornings.
Yesterday was an early release day for the kids and we had a meeting about the mandatory state testing that will start next week.  Bless these kid's hearts they are tested to death.  And it takes up so much of our time.  Geez Louise.  so for those that care we have 25 days of school left, 4 are exam days, and that makes 21 which is divided by 2 since we rotate classes and that is about 10 class days. Or in my world 5 more Mondays!!!!! Come on Summer Time.  Maybe I can sit outside by the pool some this weekend, while Paul sleeps.
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