Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Shopping and Planting

mentioned earlier that I love Saturday mornings because I can take my time getting out of bed and also getting started on my day. 
After a lazy morning we headed out to Jackson ( I know two weeks in a row). We needed to replace two of the  15 sweet olives we planted last year and get two more azaleas for the "lasagna garden". I also want two geraniums and hoped for two hanging baskets for my front baskets.
We had lunch at Beagle Bagel, which was where we were headed last week.  I got the chicken salad (it's not as good as mine but it is good) and Paul ordered the New Yorker. My sandwich was ready as we moved done the line and Paul was promised his would be right out.
But even after getting our drinks and a trip to the restroom no sandwich. I'm not very patient so I got up and after a few minutes I got our server's attention and asked about my husband's sandwich. Yep he had forgotten it. He brought it right out, although it had a little bit on the burnt edges. Paul said it was good though.
Then we headed to a great garden center off Highway 51. We got 3 sweet olives (I bet we have planted at least 50 of these)UPDATE we have 45 and have only lost 2.
 2 Pride of Mobile azaleas (these were always daddy's favorite) and I got 2 ginormous red geraniums.
I wanted pink but dang these were so beautiful. See aren't they beautiful by the pool?
I also got two hanging baskets of  pink wave petunias. I'm waiting for the sun to drop a little to put them out.
I also needed to exchange the outfit I got last weekend. The pants were huge (my fault I hate to try on clothes in a store) and the top was a tad bit snug. The store was very nice but no more pants in my size but I did swap the shirt and I have a gift card for later. I also needed some make up from Bobbi Brown at Belk's.  I like just a light coverage this time of the year  so I got the tinted moisturizer and best of all they had one case left of my favorite color of eye shadow, Lilac. Yay me.
We' re watching the Masters now and discussing supper ideas. I'm thinking crawfish or shrimp???
Until next time,
Love ya,


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