Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Past

I have been going through lots of old photos and here are a few of my favorites.

Would someone please tell me where the time went?  These little fellas are now 28 and 25. 

Merry Christmas (and where did November go?)

I know I am terrible, but I have a great excuse.  It's like this,  I have been very busy at work making site visits to the Early Childhood Ed. teachers.  Really I have, there are 41 of them and they are all over the state so since September I have been on the road. I finished the last teacher visit on December 9.  I drove home for Bunco and then have been in a whirlwind trying to finish up everything for Christmas.  I saw Dr. Dare on Monday  and next Monday he will do surgery on my knee.  Yes I realize that is just 5 days before Christmas, but I have really been getting everything all organized and I think I can pull it off. 
We will see. 
Here is the group picture of our Bunco group.  I love these women, they are so much fun.