Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday

This had to be a Black Friday to remember. After a day full of cooking and eating and of course, football.  Lauren and I headed to the new Outlets of Mississippe in Pearl.  WOW 
There  were people everywhere, the closest parking I saw was over in Trustmark Park .  But we were lucky because we had a hotel room right beside the Outlet.( which meant we had a great parking spot).  We checked in and headed right out to start shopping. After about 3 hours of shopping in 26 degree weather we decided it was nap time. So we slept until 6:00, got up, dressed, then headed to Bass Pro. OMG I have never seen that many people in that store.  We decided the line was way too long so we left, we grabbed a quick breakfast and continued shopping. We bought decorations for Christmas, a few gifts, a few things for ourselves and had lots of FUN!  We ate a great lunch at Majestic Burger, mmmmmm. Then did our last bit of shopping at Renaissance Park. By three we were headed home 17 hours after we left. I napped about 30 minutes and then headed out to gat a few local deals.  Already making plans for next year!  Below are a picture from our hotel room and two of our room. BTW that was the biggest hotel room I have ever seen! 
The parking lot at 11:00 pm  Crazy crowded