Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Wish I May I Wish I Might...

Today in one of my classes the topic was goal setting and making decisions.  We did an activity where they were to list 10 wishes.  Now I am sure you can imagine wishes coming from  teenagers was about silly things.  Yes there were some silly wishes but some wishes were downright earth shattering.  I am so proud of my students.
What would your ten wishes be?   Which would be the most important?  
Then they had to pick three and how they would achieve these wishes.  
And yes I did have one student to wish for world peace!! love that girl.  
On the days I think this young generation is hopeless I see a glimmer of greatness.  
And that my friends is why I love teaching!!
Until next time, love ya,

A little touch of Easter and Spring.

Before I pack away my Easter decorations I wanted to share a few pictures.

Apparently I have a "HUGE" love of rabbits.  Caroline loves to come over to Honey and Papa's house and she finds all the bunnies.  She is so sweet as she points and says 'bunny". We have the best time when she comes over.  She is truly our heart.  Her daycare had a real bunny for them to pet the other day.  Isn't this too cute?

Until the next time. Love ya 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm Baaaaack!

My poor abandoned blog.  The last post was September 2014 and today is March 30, 2016.  A lot has happened since then, Caroline is now 20 months old, Paul is back working (temporarily) at Grand Gulf and I am finishing up my next to last year of teaching. Can I get an AMEN! Almost 25 years in the books.  That was my goal back in January 1991 and I will have reached that by December 2016.  Be kind students or I may leave early.

Easter was this past weekend and it was  p-i-t-i-f-u-l to quote Jed Clampett.

 Paul had to work, Mark is working nights so he was sleeping, Matt went to Tennessee so it was just Lauren and Caroline, Lauren's Dad, Mark and myself.  The day was a stormy rainy day.  I got drenched going into church and then when I left church and was heading back to my car. Yes, I had an umbrella but it didn't do much good.   My shoes even had grit in them. Yuck!!
Then shortly after Lauren and Caroline arrived at our house Caroline got sick.  Yep the yucky toddler kind of sick.  I washed 6 loads of towels and blankets Sunday and then spent most of Monday folding and putting them back to their rightful place.  I kept thinking I was coming down with her bug but fortunately I did not suffer the malady she shared with us Sunday afternoon.  I must say after the fifth "episode" I insisted she had to have a Honey bath (in the kitchen sink) .  I washed her body and hair and after drying her hair she was "cured"  I mean really, she was a new person.  She came to life then.  Running and Squealing all over the house.  Love that little girl.  Unfortunately no Easter pictures because her dress was ruined from her "bug".  Well it really isn't ruined but it certainly wasn't picture worthy!

Yesterday in the final start up pattern to restart the power plant it scrammed.  Bummer.  I had other words but that is the nicest I could share here.  Paul did get to come home while the sun was shining for a change.
We went to McAlisters for salads and then home.  Bless his heart he had ordered me a DVD of the last season of Cedar Cove. Awwww how sweet.  I have seasons 1 and 2 and was so excited to get season 3.
I am totally hooked on the Hallmark Channel.  I love all the sappy, cheesy, and sometimes even corny movies.  They all end so "happily ever after".  I guess I am just a hopeless romantic.

Okay I am really going to try to do better with my blog.  Until next time, Love ya