Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fast forward to Fall!

Finally it's beginning to feel like fall. Last week I bought mums and pumpkins. The urns by the front door have burgundy mums and I have two hanging baskets of bronze mums in the back yard. I put six small bronze mums in the window boxes today, I'm not sure why I only bought six since I knew I would need twelve, go figure. Guess a trip to the nursery is on my agenda for tomorrow afternoon, after float prep time.  I hope the deer don't like mums as much as they did impatiens. They have eaten all my impatiens this summer. They must be very hungry this year,our English ivy looks like it got a haircut, my hanging baskets are nibbled to the nubs and one night one ( or more) brave deer ventured onto the patio to eat my sweet potato vine and broke the pot!  The deer and I may have a "come to Jesus meeting " soon if this doesn't stop!  I told Paul I wish he had a bow.. Hmmm. 
I have a few other decorating ideas in mind too. Maybe next week while I'm out for fall break. Did I mention we are out of school Monday and Tuesday, then Nov. has Veterans Day ( professional day), a week for Thanksgiving, then it'll be Christmas!  Let the fun begin! 

Fast Forward

Where has the time gone?  I really have meant to post more often but geez there are only so many hours in a day. Well the first nine weeks is over, I can't believe it. I have all my grades posted and I feel so much better. I have learned so much, I have never been an early riser but for some odd reason I now wake-up around 5:00-5:30 I wake up. No alarm, nothing. So strange. Ha!  
Anyway things are going right along. No real problems. We have started out M-Star pilot evaluations. I was so nervous about it but the last few days I had a calm come over me. I'll just do my best and let the cards play out. Coming up this week is preparations for homecoming.  Actually homecoming is the next week but we are out that Monday and Tuesday ( insert happy dance) so we only have 3 days for spirit week!  Floats are being constructed this week.  I'm helping with the sophomores. Sweet group of kids. I'll try to remember to post pictures. See you soon.