Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Days 23-25

I found the neatest thing on Pinterest this week, a monthly assignment of picture topics
I think that might help me and I also think I may need to do one week at a time.
But I will finish out January.
Day 23 - Something Old  actually this is two things,  The ring was my grandmother's and she and my grandfather were married in the early 1900's  and the ring is sitting on an old family Bible.
I love the heart shadow. Do you see it? It took me lots of angles to get the shadow just right.
Day 24 - Something I have made.    I love to sew, I would sew more if I had the time. In the past 30+ years I have made many of our window treatments for our homes.  I love the whole process, picking out the fabric, the design of what will work for each window and the satisfaction of making something myself.  I really love that feeling.  Often when I see something I really like I want to see if I can make it myself, rather than buy it. So here is my breakfast room window treatments.  I love this light aqua and the brown toile pattern. 
 Day 25- Today's weather -It is raining cats and dogs here.  Thank goodness it waited until I got home.  I really wanted to capture a picture of the lightening but uh I ain't that fast.  But I did get a good picture of the rain coming off the roof above our garage. 
Hope you are dry and warm where you are tonight. 

Day 24 - Something I have made.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Days 19, 20, 21 & 22

Yes I know I am horrible at posting everyday, even when I take pictues everyday.
Forgive me.  Please?
Okay here are the pictures,  I have been taking pictures of the amaryllis as it opens and the second bloom has emerged now.

I just love how the great close up shots with my camera. 
Great weekend, it has gone by way too fast. 
We went out to eat at El Sombrero Friday night with some of Paul's friends from Grand Gulf as a going away dinner for a co worker. 
Saturday was hectic with a trip to Jackson.  We did a little shopping and then headed home.
I cooked one of Paul's favorite breakfast meals this morning.  French Toast (or is it my favorite?)
I am working on my taking photos of food. So here is the finished product.
It was good.
See you soon.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18

Back in late November or early December I planted some paper white bulbs and one Amaryllis bulb.
The paper whites bloomed right on time for Christmas.  I guess the Amaryllis thought I would need something pretty in January.  It is slowly opening a little each day and looks like I will have a second bloom after that.  Maybe a third. 

Day 17

Had a great day off on Monday.  Really enjoyed taking some pictures around the house .
Here is a close up of one of the birthday candles.  I hope Paul gets to blow out many many more!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 15 and 16

Saturday was wonderful, a beautiful cold day.  We did not leave the house at all!!
I have been on a cleaning spree ever since the new year.  Paul was looking for some important papers and could not find them so the only thing left to do was to go through our filing cabinet one folder at a time.  Lots of Junk papers, I found the missing documents rather quickly but really wanted to get the files in "shape"  I labeled all new folders and cleaned out lots of old papers.  I also found some of the sweetest pictures and artwork from my boys when they were little.  Ahhhh.
I did make a cake for Paul's birthday.  He wanted a homemade chocolate cake.  The house smelled so good while it was baking.  Mmmmmm
Picture 16
Today is Paul's 55 birthday.  Yeah!! I was off for the holiday and Paul took the day off to spend with me.  We had a great day together.  We slept late, ate a late breakfast and then got dressed and ...
went to get the oil changed in his truck.  We ate lunch out at Cracker Barrel and then browsed through Home Depot and Walmart.  We bought a box of  microwave popcorn and movie at Walmart and came home and watched the movie.  It was so much fun snuggled on the couch, munching on popcorn and watching the movie. 
We grilled steaks for supper and then had big slices of the cake. 
Here is Paul with one of his birthday presents. I gave him a MSU tray and glasses. 
and one more of him blowing out his candles.
Boy I love this guy!!!

Day 14

Well I had a great Friday the 13 no major bad luck issues.  Whew.  Hope it was good for you too.
 Here is today's picture.  I didn't quite get the effect I was wanting.  I really wanted more of a silhouette, but a profile of my loving hubby works good too. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day Nine and so forth

Okay I have found a flaw in my plan to post a picture every day.  I can't upload my pictures to my laptop. (insert stupid government rules comment) so I have to wait until I get home and that is tough when I am out of town for 4 days like I was this week.  So I'll just do my best okay?
Here are a few pictures I did take while on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Day Nine  This is at the Gulf Islands National Park, in Ocean Springs
don't let the sunshine fool you though that was one chilly and windy day!

Day Ten Another picture but this time of the grassy sea marsh. 
If you look way off in the distance you can see the barrier islands (Dog, Horn, Cat, Ship...)
Day Eleven A sky view of some of the Pin Oaks in the area.  So very knarled and twisted.  Katraina took out lots of the old oaks. 
Day Twelve
I'm not sure what type berries these are but they were so pretty and I love using different settings on the camera.

 Day Thirteen Biloxi Coast. I used my UV filter for this picture.  I'm not really sure what the UV filter does but I have it so I used it. ha!
So if that is the thirteenth picture and today is Friday you know what that means????
Be careful everyone. I hope to have some birthday pictures of a very special man soon...
Nope it's not Elvis.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day Eight Photo

A beautiful night picture of the moon and the clouds floating around it.
I took this using the night setting from our driveway.

Day Seven Photo

This is an interesting shot I took during the holidays.  I was outside our front door and took the picture through the glass of our foyer and living room.

Day Six Photo

Our house all decorated for Christmas!

Day Five Photo Angel Ornament

This is a close up of an ornament that has been on our tree every year since 1979.
We bought this glass angel while on our honeymoon at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hilton.
It was hand blown by a local artist that had a little shop there.  I love this angel.  She means so much to us. 

Day Four Photo

BOKEH  means blurred in Japanese
This is a bokeh of our tree. I used a small dog bone punch to make the bokeh.
It's not quite as clear as I would like but at least I tried and it worked!!