Friday, January 13, 2012

Day Nine and so forth

Okay I have found a flaw in my plan to post a picture every day.  I can't upload my pictures to my laptop. (insert stupid government rules comment) so I have to wait until I get home and that is tough when I am out of town for 4 days like I was this week.  So I'll just do my best okay?
Here are a few pictures I did take while on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Day Nine  This is at the Gulf Islands National Park, in Ocean Springs
don't let the sunshine fool you though that was one chilly and windy day!

Day Ten Another picture but this time of the grassy sea marsh. 
If you look way off in the distance you can see the barrier islands (Dog, Horn, Cat, Ship...)
Day Eleven A sky view of some of the Pin Oaks in the area.  So very knarled and twisted.  Katraina took out lots of the old oaks. 
Day Twelve
I'm not sure what type berries these are but they were so pretty and I love using different settings on the camera.

 Day Thirteen Biloxi Coast. I used my UV filter for this picture.  I'm not really sure what the UV filter does but I have it so I used it. ha!
So if that is the thirteenth picture and today is Friday you know what that means????
Be careful everyone. I hope to have some birthday pictures of a very special man soon...
Nope it's not Elvis.


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