Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Days 23-25

I found the neatest thing on Pinterest this week, a monthly assignment of picture topics
I think that might help me and I also think I may need to do one week at a time.
But I will finish out January.
Day 23 - Something Old  actually this is two things,  The ring was my grandmother's and she and my grandfather were married in the early 1900's  and the ring is sitting on an old family Bible.
I love the heart shadow. Do you see it? It took me lots of angles to get the shadow just right.
Day 24 - Something I have made.    I love to sew, I would sew more if I had the time. In the past 30+ years I have made many of our window treatments for our homes.  I love the whole process, picking out the fabric, the design of what will work for each window and the satisfaction of making something myself.  I really love that feeling.  Often when I see something I really like I want to see if I can make it myself, rather than buy it. So here is my breakfast room window treatments.  I love this light aqua and the brown toile pattern. 
 Day 25- Today's weather -It is raining cats and dogs here.  Thank goodness it waited until I got home.  I really wanted to capture a picture of the lightening but uh I ain't that fast.  But I did get a good picture of the rain coming off the roof above our garage. 
Hope you are dry and warm where you are tonight. 

Day 24 - Something I have made.


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