Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Missing in Action

Yes I have been out of blogland for a few weeks now.
I had knee surgery on December 20, it went great. But I have been super busy trying to get "my walk" back that I haven't had time for my blog.
That week was a whirlwind, surgery on Monday morning, no problem, I was home by early afternoon. Mark brought us supper and spent some time with us. Tuesday I had my first day of physical therapy.
Wednesday I did bite off more that I could chew by making a trip to see my momma. But I made it and no damage. Thursday I got my hair done and felt so much better, then Matt came in that night. We had tamales and some of his other favorites. Friday Paul made his very first red velvet cake. Okay I helped some but he really did all the work. Friday night we went to church and then home for our traditional celebrations. Lauren and her parents joined us for the evening.
Saturday morning we opened presents and stockings, ate and the guys cooked lunch. Paul's mother ,sister and brother in law joined us. We opened more presents and played charades. That was too cute.
Since I was in the recliner most of the time, my pictures were mostly the backs of peoples heads.
 : (
Sumday Matt and Duke headed back to Memphis. Paul and Mark went deer hunting, Mark got a buck.

Here are a few pictures.