Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 15. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

Today I had a meeting in Jackson to work on school stuff so I had to rely on Paul to keep me posted on the pool progress. About 1:30 I get a text that the electrician was connecting all the pool equipment. Also that should mean the rest of the pool crew would be coming to work soon. 

And soon this happened. 
And then this.
The equipment trench was filled in  and the area around the pool was filled in more completely. 

Great progress was made today.   The spa has finally arrived from Canada and will be delivered tomorrow. Yeah!  We are adding more water so the pumps can be turned on and start cleaning the pool. Water level reached the point where we could turn on the pump. First attemp was a scary moment. Water started pouring out of the pump. Hmmm I don't think that is what it's suppose to do. Call or text Brian.  A few minutes later we get a text to make sure the black knob is on filter. Nope it was on waste. Knob turned to filter, turn pump on, wait, wait... I hear bubbling from air in the lines. Soon another valve starts bubbling, then all settles down and it's purring like a kitten. We have success. 

On another note, a WC student that has  been in Vanderbilt Hospital battling cancer, came home today.   She will go to Bateson soonto continue her treatment but coming home was a great day. She lives just a few houses down the street. She was welcomed home by a great crowd of friends. Prayers have been answered. Prayers for her continued improvement. 
See ya, 


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