Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 14. Yes We Did

Beautiful sunny day☀️ and very quiet. 😞 I expected to hear noises coming from the back yard but no such luck. I realize we are not the only pool being built so I'll be good. And wait. 
Paul had jury duty today so this morning I had the house to myself. I started sewing on the bassinet lining, under skirt and outer skirt. It is looking so pretty. It took 14.5 yards of lilac tuilie to make the under skirt. I hope it turns out as pretty as I envision. 
By late afternoon, I was positive no one was coming to work today so I put on my swimsuit, grabbed my float and a towel and headed to the pool. Yep I got in. It was great. I had to be careful since it's still just dirt all around the pool but it was great. I floated and splashed from one end to the other end. 🏊
After Paul finished mowing the yard he took a dip in the pool too!  We can't wait to have everything all set up. 
See ya, Di 


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