Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 9 Late Start Day

All was quiet after a predawn rain. We thought no work would happen today. All of a sudden we hear tractors moving in the back yard. Brian and the crew showed up to dig the line from the pool to the pump. At the same time several guys were putting the skimmers in place. Also Brian was on another tractor filling in the trench behind the pool walls and smoothing out the ground. Love this progress!  
You can see the mud pit where our patio was located. Yuck. 
We also have some new yard art!  So proud to advertise for this great company. 
Here is the last picture for the day.   It's kinda hard to see but this is where the pump and other equipment will go along with our AC unit. So for  tonight we will only have one AC unit. Hmm maybe need to sleep in one of the other bedrooms tonight. 
See ya, 


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