Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 6 & 7. Big Surprise

Never, I mean nevah in a million years would I have guessed the pool crew would show up to work on a Saturday. And of all things we were out of town.  Sometime mid afternoon on  Saturday Paul checks his email and finds an email from our Pool Builder to turn off the water and vacuums when there is 5 inches of water in the shallow end.  HUH. what??? So after MANY texts, Mark goes over and checks pool on his way to work night shift. We were concerned since we weren't there but Lauren went over several times to check on water until it got to the right level. Even Brian, the pool guy, went back over to turn one water hose and vacuum off. I was so worried about Lauren walking around on all that uneven dirt, in the dark and of course being 8 months pregnant. She really is a trooper. Paul said she has earned her free pool pass now!  Ha!  By late Sunday afternoon the water was at the 5 inches. Of course since my little happy self was sitting on the beach I didn't capture any pictures of this part. Lauren did snap me one picture of the pool with the liner and water. So pretty.  We head home today. Wonder what progress they will make this week.   By the way did I mention what a great team we have building our pool. Way to go Sea Breeze Pools! 
See ya, Di


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