Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 4 End of Day

The day started off busy and was a flurry of activity until early afternoon. 
After all the pool walls were in place, secured, and braced.  There was a brief lull while we waited for the concrete truck to arrive. After that it was a hurry to get the concrete poured and evened out. This will dry overnight and then tomorrow will hopefully see the plumbing go I behind the walls, put the pool-krete on the pool bottom. Possibly the dirt will be pushed into the upper sections and smoothed out. Monday should see the liner going in and being attached. Im loving all this progress. We have the best crew working on our pool. The past two days were Merle and his partner digging and leveling. A true master of that machine. Today the guys were so nice to answer all my questions and concerns. So pleased with Sea Breeze Pool Company. 
See ya, Di


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