Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 10 A Small Step Backwards

Well we had a little activity earlier this morning. Apparently the underwater lights had a very small leak that had to be repaired. This meant draining the pool to below the lights 😢 and then sealed again. 
I guess since most of the pool walls are curved it is harder to get a tight seal than on a flat wall. Earlier I mentioned that a very large crepe myrtle tree had to be removed, and it had some roots under the concrete pad that the AC unit was sitting on. As it was removed it cracked and broke the AC pad. So since the pool equipment has to sit on a concrete pad they poured a new pad large enough for both pieces. Unfortunately this meant the AC unit had to be disconnected. On the up side we are lucky we have a second AC unit for the other bedrooms and upstairs. So even though it hasn't been as cool in the house it has not been too bad. Hopefully first thing in the morning we will have our AC reconnected and back on. 
Also that should mean the pump can be installed for the pool and the lights put back in. Yeah!!! I hope we have lots of progress tomorrow. 
See ya Di


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