Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 30. As Far As The Eye Can See - Concrete

Well maybe not that far but we do have a lot of concrete. They started early this morning finalizing the frames that will hold the concrete. Soon the first concrete truck arrived and the fun began. 

And more fun...
And more ... 

Three umbrella anchors were positioned to allow shade without having a bulky stand that has to be moved around.  The "gig" for the diving board foundation, the deep end ladder and the steps hand rail were also positioned. There definitely an art to pouring and smoothing the concrete. 

Now we just have to wait while it dries and firms up. Easy Peasy! 

I thought I would never see this completed, well almost completed. But the vast amount of dirt/mud is greatly decreased. Now we just have to have bricks placed around the spa, smooth ground around pool area, hook up lights and gas line.  Short to do list.   I'll take it! 

See ya, Di 


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