Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 28 Let It Pour. Concrete That Is.

What a day we were on baby watch all day.  We left our house about 10:00 to head to the hospital. 
Shortly after that the crew arrived to start working on pouring the patio. To top it all off right before we left the house we heard a large bang in the garage. Turns out the spring on our garage door broke. Ugh.   Paul called the company to come repair it. 
After lunch he gets a call the repairman was on his way. We needed to run home and let him in the house. We also needed to check on Annabelle, the grand dog too.  Seems we got home right as all the fun was happening. It was like bees in our yard as the crew prepared for pouring the patio,  cleaning  the pool and forming the sidewalk. 

They covered the doors and walls with plastic to keep the concrete splashes to a minimum. 
Thank goodness. 

 The truck arrived with the first load of concrete. 

Pouring the patio. The only bad part was the windows were covered and Annabelle could not see out. She was not a happy camper. 
They did remove one of the plastic planets to allow us to see them finish the patio. 
We headed back to the hospital before they finished the patio. 
By the time we returned home it was very late. I did walk around back and check it out. I'm loving this. 
See ya 


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