Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 26. And The Skies Opened Up

Early Tuesday morning the rain came. I woke up when I heard the thunder and I knew no patio would be poured today. But we did have some progress, the crew arrived and worked on the spa. They inserted the spa light and then filled the spa. I really need at ask how we change the light bulbs in the pool and spa. Yikes. 
The creepy crawler pool vacuum was also hooked up. Yay, we are getting rid of all the mortar sludge. I spent some time cleaning the sides of the pool.  I think this might be a good workout routine for me. 
On another note a sweet couple that lives down the street stop by to see the pool. They are interested in putting in a pool and loved our pool. I hope I answered all of their questions.  
I eventually got in the pool to brush the pool bottom near the steps. 
It's looking great!!!  I will say again I highly recommend Sea Breeze Pool Company. 
See ya, 


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