Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 23 Just Spilling Over

The crew arrived this morning to hook the spa up and clean the pool. As I said earlier the pool was terribly murky. Understandable since the brick masons rinsed off the bricks using the pool water. It  is just a part of what happens but it does look yucky! 
Hopefully after cleaning the pool and adding some cleaning tablets it will continue to clear up. We had to run a few errands so by the time we got home it was flowing over the edge nicely. 

 The sound of the water spilling into the pool is sooooo calming. I could just sit and listen the water all day.   Here is a picture from the house view. Ignore the dirt/mud!  It will soon go away. 

The wind is kicking up here. We may have a little rain storm coming. 
Hope it's not too much rain, we need dry weather to prepare the concrete area. 
See ya,


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