Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 31. Almost Finished.

Lovely day for working in the yard and around the pool. Today the crew removed the boards used for forming the pool deck. Also the brick coping was scrubbed and washed  the diving board was installed   The ladders were positioned and cleaned. Finally the pool and spa were vacuumed  and all the salt was poured into the pool.  We are so close to the finish line.   The gas company came and ran a line for the heater for the spa. The LED lights are also on in the pool and spa. Love the colors! 

All that is left is to brick the spa, and smooth out the ground around the pool deck.  Wow. Then we can put down sod. The fence crew should be here this week too. I can't wait to put all my plants on the deck area. I put out all my pillows and cushions this afternoon. I need to finish painting the 3 other adirondack chairs.  I made new covers for the chase lounge chair and pillows for the table chairs. 
I may need one more pillow for the adirondack chairs. I have a few other ideas in my head that I want to do for the patio and deck. I did get the iron hammock stand down from the attic, I plan to paint it aqua and we have a new new rope hammock on order.  I also have an old iron dinner bell that I have painted aqua and plan to put it on a post by the fence gate. I'll post so all the other little touches I have planned. Paul laughed when I said the steps from the patio to the deck will look great with mums and pumpkins. I know I love to decorate for every holiday!  
See ya, 


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