Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 29. Finishing The Last Items.

Our patio is awesome.  We love how much bigger it is. We had a few days of rain delay but we were told rain is helpful. First it cause the concrete to cure or harden at a slower rate and second it allow the dirt to settle and shows where more dirt might be needed. 
So after two good days of clear weather the ground was ready to finish up the framing for the sidewalk and the pool surround.  

The steps from the patio to the pool area. 

They also ran the conduit pipe for the pool lights. The pool was cleaned a little more and treated for the alga.   The deep end ladder and steps handrail were placed ready to be set in the concrete. We also have 3 umbrella anchors to put in place which will eliminate the need for those big bulky umbrella stands. 
Hopefully we will have the concrete poured tomorrow and hook up the gas line to the spa. Soon we will have a completed pool. 
See ya,


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