Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 21 & 22. Not Much Happening

Haven't had much work done. The brick coping should be set by now but the weather hasn't cooperated. We kept ourselves busy with small projects. I filled in under and around the stepping stones on the front to make it a little steadier and smoother walk.  Paul filled in a low spot under an oak tree. We also moved the bottle tree. While the bottles were off the tree I took the opportunity to wash the bottles and rearrange them a little. Love that I can now see the tree from the pool. I am loving all the other little projects we are finishing up to compliment the pool area. 
Sorry no pics today. 
On another note i got a phone call today that my dearest friend's mother passed away. I dearly loved Mrs. Elisabeth. She is my idol, going and doing up to almost the very end. As my daughter in law said Heaven got another special angel today. 
See ya 


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