Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 33. Party Time!

Well the pool project is 95% complete and that is close enough for a party. The boys played golf and were ready to hit the water. Only one hiccup, for some unknown reason, the heater for the spa came on about 3 hours before they got to home and it was spilling over into the pool. We will learn all the tricks of running a pool soon.  I made Matt & Mark dip, and had little smokies in the mini crockpot. The guys grilled sausages, boudan, and burgers. I also fried green tomatoes and hand cut French fries.   Yum. I forgot dessert but I don't think anyone complained.

Also sweet baby Caroline made her first visit to Honey and Papa's house. 

 What a great evening with family!  I look forward to many more such events! 

See ya, 


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