Saturday, July 2, 2016


On June 1st Paul and I embarked on a journey of eating only foods that are natural. We ate lean beef, pork (no bacon or ham) and chicken and eggs, fresh vegetables and fruit. So for 30 days we would eat no grains, no dairy (yikes no cheese), no legumes, no sugars, and no alcohol.  I have to admit the first week and a half to two weeks were rough! I felt like I had the flu (it is actually called carb flu). But by the end of the second week I bounced back, by week 4 I was full of energy. We ate good wholesome meals and had plenty of fruit as our snacks. Other than a brief interlude when I turned 60 we didn't cheat. We may have had to modify a few things but I felt like we did a good job. You are not suppose to weigh yourself during the 30 days but I can't wait, I needed that reassurance that it was working. In the end I lost 11 pounds and Paul lost 15. I plan to continue as much as possible until I lose at least another 5 pounds although 10 would be great. I only had a strong craving once, on my birthday, and it was for ice cream. My clothes fit so much better, and I would like to think my skin and hair look better also.  I think just knowing I would only be strict for 30 days helped me. 
I am much more aware of what is in my "food" or really what is not in my food. When you read the list of ingredients on a label and you have no clue what most of them are then it really makes you think. 
I'll keep you posted on the next phase as I add back the "no no" foods are added to see what my triggers might be causing my health issues. 
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