Friday, July 29, 2016

The Big Adventure Day 7

My favorite day of our trip, Disneyland.  It's been 30+ years since our one and only trip to Disney World. I was so excited to see the original Disney.
I bought the tickets online before we left and ah um tried to buy the Photo Pass. That's another story but we will just say it all worked out. 
The tickets clearly state that the ticket does not guarantee admittance. Now if you know my hubby the thought of spending over $200. for a piece of worthless paper does not sit well. I wasn't happy about that thought either. It seems if the walk up traffic exceeds a certain number they suspend admittance to park ticket or not. So I assumed that is code for "get yer butt here early".  So we were up early , thank goodness we were sorta still on Central Time. And also thank goodness my hubby had learned how to travel the back roads  and avoid that gosh awful "freeway". We arrived at the parking lot a little after 8:00. We boarded the shuttle bus for a short ride to Disneyland.  Note take a picture of your parking area. It can be confusing late at night.
We arrived at the entrance, went through the bag search line and into the turn stiles.  I had the printed payment sheet but needed the payment email. Once again I turn on my southern charm and the sweetest girl just tapped my phone to bring up the correct screen, scanned the bar code and gave us paper tickets. Mama was right, "always be nice". 

First selfie picture of the day, I had read no selfie sticks were allowed in the park so I didn't bring mine. I'm not sure if that was true but I don't remember seeing any so maybe it was. 
We then headed to find the photographer and get the Photo Pass card. I am a firm believer in asking 
for help and the Disney staff was very helpful. These are the first pictures. Beware there are a lot of pictures. 
Main Street area. 

These were made by the Disney Photographer with my phone.
As I warned there are lots of pictures but I will just do a mass photo load at the end for the rest of the pictures. 
First stop was the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey, then on to Sleeping Beauty Castle  both were photo ops, first ride was Dumbo the flying elephant.  31 years ago at Disney World we rode Dumbo with Matt. Behind us was an "elderly" couple ( (hindsight I bet they were 55 ha!), they rode Dumbo just the two of them and had the biggest grin on their faces. We said if we ever came as "old folks" we would ride Dumbo. Next ride was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Another oldie but goodie. Then we had to Tomorrowland. First ride was a Star War Ride, oh my we should have rode this one separately, it was cramped and very uncomfortable. But fun!! Next up was Buzz Lightyear's Artic Blasters. Cute ride. Paul out scored me 30,000 to 3,000 points. Next was Space Mountain, although they have renamed it Hyper Space Mountain since Disney bought the Stars Wars rights. 
We had a great day and ended the day watching the parade


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