Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Big Adventure Day 2

Six o'clock seemed to come awfully early this morning. We dressed and headed downstairs for a quick (but rather $$) breakfast. By seven our cab had arrived, we loaded up and headed to Union Station. Shortly after we pulled out I realized I had left my camera in the car trunk. Oh well. We arrived at the station at 7:30. We now know you don't need the hour you do when you fly. Also there is a separate lounge area for the sleeper car passengers. (we found this out too late). We only had to have our ticket scanned and show our ID's. No inspections. We walked to our car and boarded. Paul took his suitcase up the stairs while I waited. He found our "roomette". Hmm cosy is the word. 
So the two big suitcases go back downstairs to a storage area. ( another lesson learned) 
The Pullman came by and took our lunch reservation time. 
We slowly eased out of New Orleans. 
Did you know this is how the circus travels?  Miles of train cars with Ringlinging Brothers logo.

Crossing the Mighty Mississippi River. 

After about an hour in our room we ventured out to the observation car. 
This is nice. Room to walk around, great views. It's above the cafe car. 
The food on the train has been excellent. 
If you have any type of sleeper car your meals are included. 
Lunch was an awesome black angus burger. Paul tried the ice cream. 
Dinner we had the signature steaks, once again very good. 
The seats convert into two beds, upper and lower. I took the upper. I think I would have slept better if a. I had not had a BC for my headache, b. We hadn't stopped for 2 hours in Tucson and c. I was a little more aware of what was going on. Ha! I dozed on and off all night. 
Until next time, 
Love ya, Di


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