Friday, July 15, 2016

The Big Adventure Day 6

Sunday morning we slept a little later, which really helped us to recharge our travel tried bodies. 
 We headed out, grabbed a quick breakfast and maneuvered our way to Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1. 
We headed south on PCH traveling from LA county to Orange County. The scenery was beautiful, but so many people and so many cars. No place to stop and park.  
We drove all the way down to Laguna Beach and then turned around. We drove down the Balboa Pennisula at Newport and would really have liked to stop and explore but once again our dilemma no parking. 
We finally turned around and headed north for a little ways. We  found a beach side state park and pulled in there. Our plan was if the water was "okay" we would change into our swimming suits. Okay ice cold water is not okay. 
It is not the pretty white sand of our gulf beaches but it was nice.   There was a cute little beach side take out place and we tried the pulled pork tacos. I'd say kinda a South meets West flavor. Ha!
Really good food.  We drove a little farther north to Long Beach but the view was mostly industry so said "let's go home because tomorrow we get to see MICKEY AND MINNIE MOUSE!!!" 
Until next time.
Love ya Di 


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