Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Big Adventure Day 3.

Some where in west Texas we woke up around 6:30. We gathered belongings to take a shower. Hmm not as easy as one might hope on a rocking train. 
We survived and dressed for the day. Paul scheduled our breakfast time and we made our way to the dining car. 
Every meal is a community meal meaning since space is like limited they fill up the table. We have enjoyed getting to know Emily, Chuck and Sue, Dawn and David and Margaret. Each had interesting stories to share and somehow we seemed to have a common thread with each one. I love this. 
Breakfast was scrambled eggs and I got potatoes and Paul got grits. Lunch Paul
Tried the park shanks and I liked my burger so I tried it again.
We also spent some time in the observation car where we enjoyed margaritas and a Bloody Mary. 
It's almost dinner time again. 8:30 Central time but 6:30 Pacific time. 
Last night on the train. 


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