Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Big Adventure Day 5

On Saturday morning we headed to one of the few wineries in Southern California. San Antonio Winery is in the industrial area of downtown LA. 
We pulled in the almost empty parking lot, got out and went inside. Almost as soon as we entered a man welcomed us and soon he offered us a complimentary glass of wine. Stella Rosa Moscato Orange is my new favorite wine. It is very refreshing. We mentioned we wanted to talk a tour, but they didn't start for a few hours. So we just browsed around the store until he returned with a young man to give us a private tour. He was very nice and knowledgeable. We saw areas not usually shown to the public. Then we moved to the tasting room. We each picked 4 wines to sample. While we sampled the wine, Matt shared places we might like to visit. Eventually the first man returned who we now realized was the 4th generation owner.   He stopped and visited with us for a few minutes. He also suggested some places to visit. We asked if the wine could be shipped to Mississippi. That would be a big fat no!!
Underlined and bold letters. Ha! So we bought a bottle to drink while in California and some glasses and a corkscrew. 
We left and headed to Huntington Botanical  Gardens at the suggestion of the winery owner. This was an impressive places. Acres of gardens of all types. 
I could go on forever and I took way too many pictures. I'll share just a few. 

After miles of walking we headed out to see Old Pasadena. 
On our way we found several places from The Big Bang Theory. 
And yes it does have speed bumps. 
Where Penny and Bernadette once worked. 
I almost got run over trying to take this picture. Ha! This was from an episode about telling a lie. 
Next stop The Rose Bowl. 
I was hot and tired so I didn't even get out of the car!  We drove up to the LA Dodgers stadium  and almost wen to the game but the game was halfway over.  
Next stop hotel room to relax. Then out to eat dinner. 
Until next time. 
Love ya, 


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