Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Big 60!

I woke up Sunday morning just like any other day, except it wasn't just any other day. I would be sixty years old. An age I had long associated with "old age", an age I had dreaded for weeks if not months and possibly even years. Paul and the kids had taken me out to eat the night before. I got to pick the place, so I chose H. D. Gibbes Old Country Store in Learned , Ms. Usually there is a long wait to be seated and with a toddler that doesn't always cotton to changes we arrived early. Mark and Lauren were already seated and Caroline was coloring. We ordered, visited and checked on the MSU baseball score. Caroline fidgeted and fussed, toddlers need naps. Ha! (So do 60 year olds) 
Our salads arrived and Paul ate while holding Caroline and I cut up everyone's tomatoes for her to eat. 
Then the dinner arrived, the steaks were perfect and I had roasted green beans to go with my steak. As one of us would finish eating we would go out on the porch with Caroline. While I was sitting with her on the porch, the family ordered an assortment of desserts. I was trying to "be good" but hey you only turn 60 once right. After we finished eating we lingered to watch more of the game. Then we headed home to pick up the gifts and cards to take to Mark and Lauren's. Caroline feel asleep in Papa's lap. State blew the game, oh well maybe next year. I opened my presents which were so sweet.  It was late and we headed home. 
Sunday was an impromptu family gathering, my favorite kind. Paul made a grocery store run for burgers and fixins, Mark and Lauren picked up chips & dips and a watermelon. 
We ate and swam (actually very little swimming is done in our pool, more like jumping and splashing) then we took a watermelon break. Caroline did get her nap in and I think Lauren was able to relax a little too.  Late afternoon arrived and everyone packed up and headed out. My heart was so full as they all waved goodbye. Paul and I snacked on fruit for supper and then turned in for the day. It was a very good day. Until next time, 
Love ya, 


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