Sunday, November 22, 2009

Planting Bulbs

"Forcing" bulbs to bloom for the holidays is a great thing to do to bring color into the house. I have several dozen paperwhites doing their thing so they will be ready for when Christmas guests drop by. This weekend I decide to plant two Amaryllis for gifts. I know it might have been easier to just give them the box and let them do it but I like to get the ball rolling for them. It is so easy to do. I'll walk you through it.
Step one - Buy a Amaryllis kit.

Step two - Remove bulb, pot and potting soil disk from box.

This is the amaryllis bulb, the root end has the "fingers", you can see the plant has started to sprout.

This is what the soil disk looks like. Kinda like a big thick burger.

Step three
- Measure very warm water

Step four - When all the water is absorbed plant bulb, place in a warm room, out of direct sunlight. Keep soil moist, and turn as needed to keep stalk straight.

Now all you have to do and wait and watch.


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