Saturday, November 21, 2009

National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

Yes there really is a designated day to clean out your fridge. Actually it was last Saturday but we were so busy working in the yard that I didn't get to it but since Paul and Mark are deer hunting this weekend,it was the perfect time. I think the timing is meant to clean out before you stock up for the holidays. Makes sense to me. I got the folding table out and emptied the refrigerator, washed all the shelves and the inside. Threw away old stuff and then put the rest of the food back. Sparkly Clean! It is ready to fill with our turkey and all the trimings.
While I was at it I cleaned out the pantry. It is nice and neat too. I even labeled many of the shelves. Now about five bags of outdated and old stuff later it is neat and clean. Now it's time to start cooking and baking.


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