Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It Takes A Lot of Planning to Take a Camping Trip

So we are planning our first "big" RV trip this weekend.  I really love north Mississippi AKA Starkville, it is close to my hometown, it is where we met and where we lived the first 9 months of our married life.  I am just drawn to Starkville.  So I asked around and found out there is a KOA campground in Starkville.  The online pictures look great.  I got things narrowed down to the final choices.  We have reservations for a pull through site, with cable, WiFi and concrete pad for two nights.  ✔  State is playing Tennessee this weekend.✔  The camper is ready to go.✔  The forecast calls for rain ☹. Like bad rain, with hail and wind. But who knows between now and then things can and often do change.  Keep your fingers crossed for us. Checked today and actually bad weather is going to be in Vicksburg and less severe in Starkville.  Yay.
Antique Camping Sign, rev
Before our very first night in the camper, Paul was digging in his closet, I quickly guessed what he was searching for, his family's Mississippi shaped camping sign.  I found it and cleaned it up some and added a new name and 3 stars.  One for Hattiesburg, one for Columbus and one for Vicksburg.

Now on to the fun stuff like planning the meals.  So we will arrive Friday afternoon.  SHHHH don't tell the boss. 
That means we need food for Friday night supper, Saturday morning breakfast, possible Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner and Sunday morning breakfast.  I;m thinking shish kabobs, burgers,?? I know we will want to eat at Little Dooey's at least once.  ha!
I also found a way to carry several spices with us without taking a gazillion bottles.
Spice container
Can you guess what this is normally used to hold?  It's a pill holder,albeit a rather large pill holder.  I made labels of my seven most used spices and then filled them with the spices.  If I need more I'll get another pill holder.  Clever huh? I shook it hard to see if anything would pop open or fall out and so far so good.
 Meals are almost planned, I'll need to shop Thursday evening and have everything packed to load up Friday.

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