Monday, March 27, 2017

And We Are Off on Our First Adventure!

Well we are almost to the end of our first adventure in our camper. We had a few hiccups at the beginning but we are learning. Let me recap for you.  I left school at noon (thank you sub Michael for arriving early), turned in my grades as I left the building and hurried home. Paul and I loaded up the truck, I did get quite a few "what is this for" questions and some things were left behind. We stopped for lunch at our favorite spot and then anxiously hurried to the camper. All looked well except the control panel door was open. We assume the wind did that. Paul backed up the truck and we proceeded to lower the jacks but no power. After a few seconds we realized the battery was DEAD! As a door nail. Paul called Oddie, he suggested we jump it off from truck.  After a seemingly long time we had power. Now to start all over again. Finally we are hooked up and rolling. Paul calls Oddie and we plead our case of a bad battery. He agrees and we stop by CC. These folks have been so nice to work with, they changed the battery and we are off again. We change our route and soon we are nearing the destination.  We needed gas but a very inconsiderate woman talking on her phone blocked our entry.  Note to self I will get out and "nicely " her to move next time.  In our making the short  turn we pull the emergency brake cord. But Paul figured it out, reconnected the cord and we are off again with low fuel. We found the KOA, checked in, signed up for membership and parked. This time it all went smoothly setting up and leveling the camper.

By now it was later than we planned and I hated to ask Paul to grill so we went into Starkville, gassed up the truck with a record amount of gas and searched for a place to eat. Our first choice was Little Dooey's , nope not on a Friday night. Second choice was Cappe's. Yum great steaks.

 A quick stop at Walmart for starter logs and we are settled in.  Paul built a fire, in what must have been gale force winds. In actuality it was too windy. We soon relaxed and turned in for the night.

Next morning, I used the oven in the camper for the first time and baked cinnamon rolls.
After getting cleaned up, we headed into town and did a little shopping and walking down memory lane.
Lunch time found us at Little Dooey's, we still had to wait but not as bad as Friday night

I got the pulled pork sandwich and Paul got ribs. It was sooooo good, even the owner, Barry Wood stopped by the table and talked with us for a while.  
You can see from our empty plates we enjoyed our meal.  We drove around some more and then back to the camper for a nice nap.  The rain kept coming on and off and neither one of us were fond of the idea of sitting in the rain.  I prepared dinner inside and we ate and listened to the game.  When it seemed MSU had the game under control we watched a movie and then checked the score one more time before turning in for the night.


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