Saturday, October 8, 2011

Groom's Golf Weekend

Well Paul and Matt are the Best men so they wanted to host a party for Mark.  Since they all play golf along with Lauren's dad that seemed to make the most sense.  So they headed to Memphis to spend the weekend at Matt's and play Justin Timberlake's , Mirimichi golf course.
I stayed home mainly because it's a guy's weekend and there is a shower for Lauren on  Saturday. 
BUT I did send them off with breakfast food and goodie bags.
I had the best time making the bags for the guys. 
I found MSU recyclable bags several years ago and bought a bunch of them. 

                                                      The loot!
                                         Sweet Chex Mix with maroon and white M&M's
                                         Traditional Chex Mix (maybe a little spicer that usual)
                                                    Water Bottles with DIY labels

                                         White golf towels monogramed with D and the date.
                                             MSU golf tee's
                                              Microwave popcorn in it's own wrapper

                                               Gift tags complete with a cowbell.
I heard the guys loved the bags.
I can't wait to post the pictures. 


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