Sunday, August 24, 2014


Well we finally got the final grading of the area around the pool done. YAY!  So now the fun part of putting down sod and plants. We put out one pallet of sod on Thursday and another pallet on Friday. 
Whew that was hard work in these hot temps. Thank goodness we had a pool to cool off after our work.  Saturday, we started shaping the planter beds by the patio steps.  We were able to put down the brick edging to define the shape  of the beds. Then it was time to put down the weed barrier cloth. 

We also shopped around for some plants to go in the beds. I think we have decided to go with Pink Muhly Grasses around the top edge of the beds. The center plants will be Little Lime Hydrangeas. Both of these plants grow well in our zone, are suited for full sun, and grow well in clay soil. They are also recomended poolside plants. 
Now we just need two or three more pallets of sod and to purchase the plants. Until then we will water the sod. 
See ya, 


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