Sunday, February 10, 2013

Swapping around

Occasionally I get a wild idea to make changes around the house. Usually these are met with some reluctance from Paul. So when I mentioned that I would like to swap one of the downstairs bedrooms with the upstairs "bonus" room I was surprised he quickly agreed. Maybe it was because involved cleaning out. So I cleaned out 3 closets over the holidays which resulted in 7 large full trash bags!!!!
The upstairs room was intended to be a bedroom. It is a huge room with a full bath and a very big closet. in the past it has been the "boys" play room, weight room, and then my craft & sewing room. For the past few years it had really become a "JUNK" room. Soooo on MLK weekend I painted the upstairs room, first one side, where the bed would be set up. Once that side was ready we moved the bed upstairs, then the chest of drawers, and then the dresser. Please note this is 1980's heavy oak furniture! Once that was done we moved a small table and four chairs that had belonged to my grandparents down to the now empty bedroom. A small chest of drawers known in the family as the devil because the handles will not stay in the drawers, came downstairs also. Ugh! It will be refinished at a later date. Also many many boxes of craft and sewing "stuff". I then finished painting the upstairs room, including moving the world's heaviest entertainment center a mere 3 feet but it felt like a mile! Ha!
The next weekend I planned to paint the bathroom but the paint store was out of their most popular paint! Really? Yes! But I changed gears and decided to buy a storage cabinet for the new craft room so EVERYTHING would be put away nice and neatly. Once again I bought a very heavy cabinet that had to be assembled. Last weekend was the bathroom painting and cleaning. It's all set up now except for a few items that need to come downstairs.
I love the new setup. Kinda wonder why I never did this before. Here are a few pics of the bedroom and bathroom. I still need to "decorate".


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