Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring is Here!

Ah spring is finally here.  I love the beautiful flowers this time of year.
Last weekend I hastily put up a "springish" wreath, mainly just so I could take down my Valentine's wreath.  Anyway it is a light aqua blue mesh, I had some pussy willow branches from my Valentine's day flowers from Paul that I saved and thought they would look good along with a tiny bird's nest and maybe some eggs.  BUT I ran out of time so it was just the mesh and the branches.  I was out of town most of the week so when I came home I wanted to check it to see how big a nest I needed, etc.
To my surprise a mother bird had solved my problem, although I would have put the nest where it could be seen.  ha!
 Can you see the nest?
 Looks like five eggs.
 The front porch.

While I was outside taking pictures of the bird's nest.  (and yes the mother has returned so I didn't scare her away) I found some other signs of spring.  A few bee's were in the mock orange shurbs.

Here is a close up of one busy bee!

Happy Spring y'all.


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