Monday, September 26, 2011

Tools & Toddies and Brunch

Aunt Cookie, Uncle Andy, Andrea, Gene, Kristi and Wayne hosted a wonderful weekend getaway in Birmingham for the happy couple.  It was super, very relaxing and fun.  The weather was perfect, (thanks Irene)
all the food was delicious and everyone had a great time.
The shower was by the pool at Kristi and Wayne's home.  They have done a amazing job landscaping the outdoors.  Uncle Andy smoked chicken, ribs and tenderloin for the dinner.  MMMMM
Take a look at these pictures.  Mark's tool shed is now full and Lauren's bar is now stocked.

The next morning Andrea and Gene hosted a brunch for everyone at their home.  A great way to extend our visit over breakfast before we all hit the road for home. 

This last picture is Mark standing on the trampoline about to swing.   We'll just say the "little boy" in him definitely showed up for the weekend, but his body didn't get the memo.  : >


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